Privacy Policy

Google Analytics & Cookies

My site uses a number of Google products to give me data about the visitors here. This includes cookies, basic demographic data, and behavior on the site. It will tell me, for example, how many people came here from Facebook, visited a certain page, and what mobile or desktop device they were using at the time. I never get individual information, like Jane Doe found your site via Facebook. I get numbers, just so I can see how people are discovering my site and what pages they're finding useful or interesting. I use this data to make my site better for those who come across it.

If you're at all concerned about your browsing behavior being collected by Google, please consider their opt-out options here. If Google can't see your data, I can't either :).

Amazon Affiliates

When you click a link on this site and it takes you to Amazon, I'm probably using an affiliate link. This is a link that tells Amazon you came to their site through this one, which they pay me a small commission for if you purchase anything. The commission is based only on any items you purchase on Amazon in that one session. It doesn't affect the price of the items you purchase; my commission is taken out of Amazon's profits. So if you buy one of my books after clicking on an Amazon link on my site, a little bit more of the purchase price ends up in my account instead of Amazon's.

I don't work for Amazon, nor do they approve or have any affiliation with the content here. They're just rewarding me for driving traffic to their site. Again, I am not given any individual information. I don’t receive names, or emails, or anything like that. My reports just show me what items have been purchased from referrals on my site in a given timeframe and, therefore, what commissions I have earned. I use the money to support my writing habit and avoid doing real work.

Your Email Address & Other Information

At times, you might choose to fill out a form on my site and enter details like your email address or mailing address for giveaways or my mailing list. I take every precaution to protect this information and won't share it with other authors or services. I'll also only send you emails if you've opted in to receive them. If you're ever concerned about it, please send me an email.

Facebook Ads

If I'm advertising on Facebook and you click on one of these ads to come to my site, the page you come to will probably use a Facebook pixel tag. This is similar to cookies used by Google, and gives me some insight about who is seeing my ads, visiting my site page, and whether or not they're taking any action after that. Like other tracking software, I never get individual information or data, just group data to see trends. This helps me refine my advertising so I'm only showing it to people who are actually interested in my books.

Facebook receives information from this pixel tag too and may use it to serve you ads on Facebook Services or other websites and mobile applications. You can find more information about it here. If you want to opt out of Facebook ads, visit this page to manage the companies you receive advertising from. You will need to do this for each browser you use, though.

Though I use Facebook’s ad services, I am not an employee of Facebook nor do I have any affiliation with their company. They also have no affiliation with the content on this site.